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It’s possible that Alan Ball will never quite grow up. And after seeing his directorial debut Towelhead, people may never want him to — those that stay until the final credits roll, at least. The advance word percolating out of festivals was that Ball’s adaptation of Alicia Erian’s novel of sexual and racial angst in the suburbs during the Gulf War was just shy of a disaster. Shocking, in-your-face, inappropriate, the rumors said, and not in a good way. Some of the advance negativity was well-informed, at least about Ball. This is a wildly manipulative and immature film, a sort of adolescent fever dream looking to tick off as many taboos as possible. But amidst the campy twists and unbelievable outbursts there can also be felt an indefinable honesty; something in far shorter supply these days than mere outrage…

Towelhead is in limited release now and deserves your business. Read the full review at

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