In Theaters:

Duncan Jones, a commercials director, former camera operator for Tony Scott, and the son of David Bowie, makes a sure-footed entry into the feature directing ranks with Moon, an impressive science-fiction allegory whose moral implications are as troubling as they are prescient.

Working literally on the dark side of the Moon in the near-future, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is technically an astronaut but is really like an outer-space oil-rigger for Halliburton. An employee of Lunar Industries, the world’s top supplier of clean energy (as the relentlessly cheery ad which opens the film proclaims), Sam minds the dingy Sarang mining station, whose sole purpose is the mining of Helium-3 for use back on Earth. His only companions are the station’s computer, Gerty (voiced with kindly world-weariness by Kevin Spacey) and a number of plants whom he’s given names to…

Moon opens in quite limited release today and should be sought out, as a quietly confident antidote to sci-fi explosion overkill like Terminator Salvation. Read the full review at Film Journal International.

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