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TCM Greatest Films Collection: World War II — Battlefront Europe

Anybody who might have had a thought that the Second World War’s European Theater was anything but an occasionally dangerous lark clearly hasn’t been witness to one of the more recent entries in the
TCM Greatest Films Collection series, World War II – Battlefront Europe. Of the quartet of films included herein—The Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare, Kelly’s Heroes, and Battleground—only one makes a stab at actually trying to present the war as something quite awful. For the rest, fun viewing though they may be (and all most likely heavily researched by Tarantino as he was making the upcoming Inglorious Basterds), truth-telling is not really their bag…

World War II – Battlefront Europe is in stores now; you may either purchase, rent, or wait a day or so until one of its four films shows up on TCM or WGN some weekend. Read the full review at PopMatters.

In Movies:
Ten Movies Actually Worth Remaking

In reaction to the remake fever that’s sweeping Hollywood recently, the fine folks at just put together a nifty feature titled “Ten Movies Actually Worth Remaking” wherein many of the site’s writers cite junky films of years past that could actually benefit from a second take.

Sean O’Connell nominated Waterworld, while Chris Null smartly noted that The Bonfire of the Vanities deserved something much better than it got. Yours truly went for Breakfast at Tiffany’s (I know, sacrilege, but trust me).