In Theaters:
The Lovely Bones

In The Lovely Bones, Peter Jackson may have left Middle-Earth behind for the potentially less magical realm of 1970s small-town Pennsylvania, but the characters inhabiting this land of modest, shag-carpeted split-levels and bustling shopping malls are hardly less mythical. There’s a sprightly girl of elvish features, a good-natured father who can be pushed into acts of righteous bravery, a slithery villain hiding in plain sight, and a magical landscape just beyond our own where wonders abound. It’s all much more corduroy and sideburns than glinting chain mail and delicate silver tiaras, but the landscape of this film’s conflict is so riven with mythic echoes that one wouldn’t be surprised to see somebody bury a broadsword in an orc’s head…

The Lovely Bones is playing most everywhere now. Read the full review at

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