In Books:
60 Minutes, Jon Krakauer, and Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea has proved a smashing success, with millions of copies sold and readers thrilling to Mortenson’s stories from the ends of the world, which seem to be equal parts hair-raising adventure and heartbreaking pathos. The stories which 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft relates from the books – Mortenson dragging his exhausted self into a remote village whose poor residents then took care of him, his later kidnapping by the Taliban – are all the sort of thing we want to believe can happen. But Kroft isn’t the one who tells us that Mortenson’s stories might all be bunk. He leaves that to Jon Krakauer (Where Men Win Glory, Into Thin Air), exactly the kind of tenacious bloodhound nobody wants on their tail…
This article, “We Will Be Fooled Again,” can be found at Re:Print.

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