New in Theaters:
The Muppets

One of the great things about Jim Henson’s Muppets shows and films was really just how much of the Muppets there were in them. Sure, humans continually popped into frame — whether it was Steve Martin mugging for his ten seconds of screen time or Charles Grodin playing baddie. But mostly Henson stuck to his gloriously personable sock puppet weirdos destroying the set or bringing the house down with a big musical number. So while it’s fantastic to see Jason Segel bringing the guys back to the big screen in proper form, it’s disconcerting to see humans so prominently displayed. Amy Adams certainly does pull off a sweet solo number with admirable flash, but wouldn’t it have been better with a backup chorus led by Rizzo the Rat?…
The Muppets is playing in all theaters in all cities right now. Go see it. You can read the full review at

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