New in Theaters:
Last Days Here

The addict’s story is that of patience stretched, opportunities wasted, trust betrayed, and promise unrealized. That story is the one told with raw power by Don Argott and Demian Fenton’s killer new documentary, which follows down-at-heel cult heavy metal icon Bobby Liebling as he seethes and flails at those around him, as though challenging them to give up. It’s a film that you almost can’t bear to watch, as time and again the sandcastles of expectations are built up, only to be washed away. The pain of disappointment realized is almost as potent as the canned frustration that lingers in the film’s very air. Everybody around this wire-thin, muppet-haired 54-year-old rocker is killing themselves try to get him back on his feet, while he’s just busy killing himself…

Last Days Here is playing now in limited release. You can read my full review at

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