Readers’ Corner: The Little Free Library

A Little Free Library in Luxembourg (photo by jwh)

In 2009, Todd Bol built a little wood box with shelves and a see-through door on the deck of his home in Hudson, Wisconsin. The micro-sized free lending library was a tribute to his mother, who was always welcoming neighbors inside.

According to the Star-Tribune:

So he built a few more boxes, selling one and giving away a few dozen more. Bol set a goal of 2,150 — to beat the number of Carnegie Libraries in the country. Less than a decade later, more than 75,000 dollhouse-size libraries have sprouted on front lawns in 88 countries.

Bol, who passed away this week at 62, may have done more than any other single person to expand book culture around the world in the past decade.

You can find your closest Little Free Library with this map here.

Reader’s Corner: These Cops Carry Books

The Minneapolis police department is starting something new with its community police efforts. According to the Star-Tribune:

In a partnership with Little Free Library, the department will turn a pair of its police cruisers into bookmobiles with the hope of teaching the importance of reading.

Community policing officers will carry books while they are making their rounds on the city’s North and South sides. They’ll still respond to certain emergencies, but won’t be dispatched to calls for help, freeing them up to visit neighborhoods without libraries and give away books to anyone who wants them.

But, discerning readers will ask, what kind of books will these officers be offering? A variety, it appears:

For now, available titles to be given away range from children’s books like “Camp Wildhog” and “The Box Car Children: The Yellow House Mystery” to more adult fare, including a well-thumbed unauthorized biography of Martha Stewart.