Writer’s Desk: Music for Writing

In addition to politicians trotting out their newest talking points in between dodging questions, you can occasionally find writers on the Sunday talk shows flogging their newest book. This past weekend, viewers of Face the Nation were treated to the sight of former Reagan speechwriter and current dispenser of fatuous bromides for the Wall Street Journal Peggy Noonan talking about her new collection of columns. She did drop one decent piece of advice, if you need music when writing, try movie soundtracks:

Because other music would take me away from my work but movie music is meant to help the story along. And … when you’re writing a column or an essay, you’re writing a story.

You need to match the music with the material, of course. For a science fiction piece, the otherwordly Daft Punk soundtrack for the Tron remake is a fine choice. For something more fanciful, try Dan Romer’s beautiful music for Beasts of the Southern Wild. And John Corigliano’s lush score for The Red Violin works for just about anything.

Before you sit down and actually write on this fine Sunday, though, waste a little time with Dame Peggington Noonington from the good folks at Wonkette.