New in Books: ‘Pity the Billionaire’

In his newest book, Thomas Frank (What’s the Matter with Kansas?) continues his project of analyzing the demolition-derby tactics of the modern right, only this time his bafflement has a related focus. Pity the Billionaire studies one of the great curiosities of our time. In this instance, it’s the headache-inducing sight of many citizens of a country still reeling from a recession, primarily brought on by a wildly unregulated financial industry, apoplectic with rage not at those who brought the calamity about, but those who were trying, albeit meekly, to keep it from happening again. As Frank writes, the conservative insurgency of the last few years “has capitalized on the nation’s anguish to create a protest movement that virtually promises to make the anguish worse”…

Pity the Billionaire is available all over the place now, seek it out. You can read my full review at PopMatters.

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