Reader’s Corner

Early July is upon us, for hotter or worse. It’s that halfway point in the year, when a person’s mind turns to things like ‘Wait, what happened to 2010?’, ‘The future isn’t turning out like I’d thought, Gernsback lied to me,’ ‘Did I accomplish anything this year so far?’, and ‘Do I actually like barbecue, or is it just habit?’

Also, one starts thinking first about all the books that one hasn’t gotten to yet, just in time to consider everything else that they won’t have time to get to as we roll towards fall (which in literature isn’t so weighted towards quality releases as the film industry is, but there’s definitely a preponderance of boldface names in the colder, sliding-towards-winter months).

To help with adding more books to your already groaning nightstand, the good folks over at The Millions have put together a handy list of great books still to look forward to in 2012. Here’s a few names to give you an idea: Michael Chabon, Tom Wolfe, Mark Helprin, Chris Ware, Junot Diaz, David Foster Wallace, Salman Rushdie… the list goes on in its nearly absurd richness. Check it out here.

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