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spring-breakers-poster-1The new Harmony Korine film takes his kids-on-the-edge theme from Kids and updates it for the new millennium, with a batch of former Disney Channel actors playing college girls who go wild in Florida before falling in with a rapper/drug lord played by James Franco.

Spring Breakers opened in limited release Friday; my review is at PopMatters:

At first, it looks like Korine is angling for a subversive take on the Girls Gone Wild and MTV spring-break subgenre of long-form videos where barely dressed girls and jock dudes dance on beaches or boats. But as the film toggles between raucous Skrillex-scored party footage and moodier scenes with woozy voiceovers and thrumming music by Cliff Martinez, we see the aim is not so deep. We see instead, what we know from every other youth-in-bloom saga: there’s a void of nihilistic appetite beneath the loudly appealing surfaces…

You can watch the trailer here: