Now Playing: ‘Gimme the Loot’

Tashiana Washington and Ty Hickson in ‘Gimme the Loot’

gimme_the_loot-posterOne of the most impressive directorial debuts in too long is now inching its way into smaller theaters around the country. Gimme the Loot (presented by Jonathan Demme) is a fresh, honest, and heartbreaking comic drama that follows a pair of Bronx teen graffiti artists—who might or might not be in love—around the city over a revelatory couple of sweltering summer days.

My full review is at PopMatters; here’s part of it:

For all its guerrilla graffiti backdrop, Adam Leon’s Gimme the Loot is really a classic Nothing Was Ever The Same After That Summer story. His characters face tests on the limits of their goodness and their inabilities to demarcate the borders of friendship and love. After two sweltering summer days during the lives of a couple of Bronx teenagers, their lives will be changed, only not for the reasons they imagine…

You can watch the trailer here:

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