New in Theaters: ‘Blue Caprice’

Isaiah Washington plays John Allen Muhammad in 'Blue Caprice.'
Isaiah Washington plays John Allen Muhammad in ‘Blue Caprice.’

blue-caprice-posterIt isn’t getting much attention right at the moment, but hopefully viewers will seek out Blue Caprice, which opens in limited release this week. My review is at Film Racket:

Alexandre Moors’ chilling, confidently minimalist feature debut is a horror film that doesn’t try to shock. It’s a slow immersion into a claustrophobic box of paranoia that makes the real world feel like a long, long way away. This is about the only approach that feels appropriate for a story based on the Beltway Sniper case. Over the opening credits, Moors shows news footage of the reign of terror led by John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo, when they gunned down some 13 people at random during October 2002. The music is a downbeat fugue, which sets the tone for the rest of this mourning story which never pretends it knows the answer to the one question that matters: Why?…

The trailer is here:


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