Now Playing: ‘Le Week-End’

Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan do Paris in 'Le Week-End'
Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan do Paris in ‘Le Week-End’

le-week-end-poster03In the surprisingly spry comedy Le Week-End, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan head to Paris for a romantic anniversary weekend to kickstart their chaotic, verging-on-retirement lives. Things don’t go as planned.

Le Week-End is playing now in a few theaters and should expand more over the next several weeks. My review is at Film Racket:

Like many movies about couples who treat their relationship as a sparring ring, Roger Michell’s Le Week-End dares you to choose sides. Do you plunk down your support for the affable but retiring bookish bloke Nick (Jim Broadbent)? Or do you take the side of the skittery and cat-like Meg (Lindsay Duncan). He pokes at her, she lashes at him. They swoon together in a church, shushed by worshippers not wanting to see that kind of adolescent heat, and battle it out in the street. Sensibilities get lacerated and bank accounts demolished. It makes for an agitated film, one much starker and less forgiving than the cheery trailer promises, but with a few notable fillips of romanticism flashing through…

You can see the trailer here:


As a bonus, here’s the otherworldly cool dance scene from Godard’s 1964 film Band of Outsiders, which features prominently in Le Week-End:

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