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Being the fourth of July, it seems appropriate to celebrate not just the country itself but one of its greatest leaders. Consider this quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, apparently delivered during his 1932 presidential campaign:

Judge me by the enemies I have made.

A full accounting of FDR’s enemies would take an encyclopedia, but here’s a brief one:

  • Huey Long — corrupt Louisiana governor
  • Father Charles Coughlin — anti-Semitic demagogue
  • Charles Lindbergh — fascist stooge and Nazi sympathizer
  • Right-wing financiers (see The Plots Against the President)
  • War profiteers
  • All of Nazi Germany

If everybody on that list has a problem with what you’re doing — namely, as FDR did, trying to ensure economic stability, freedom, prosperity, and a fair chance to make it in America — there’s a good chance you’re on the side of the angels.