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makegoodartNeil Gaiman has no patience for the term “writer’s block.” To him, it smells like a cop-out. Also, according to him, it just doesn’t help:

If you turn around and go, ‘I am blocked,’ this is just something writers say because we’re really clever. It sounds like it has nothing to do with you: ‘I would love to write today, but I am blocked. The gods have done it to me,’ And it’s not true. Cellists don’t have cellist block. Gardeners don’t have gardener’s block. TV hosts do not have have TV host block. But writers have claimed all the blocks, and we think it’s a real thing.

So next time you’re stuck, avoid the term completely. Go for a walk, have another cup of coffee, play with the cats, and then get back to it.

Listen to Neil. He’s written a few things. Many, quite good.