Writer’s Desk: Stuff Your Ears with Money

In 1965, Saul Bellow was rich. After the publication of his novel Herzog the previous year, the ornery and erudite Chicago-born writer was lavished with attention, praise, and (strangely, for a writer, even during those more literate times) money.

According to Zachary Leader, Bellow wasn’t crazy about all the hurly-burly that his suddenly discovered was raising around him.

In my simplicity I thought the noise of Herzog would presently die down, but it seems only to get louder. I can’t pretend it’s entirely unpleasant. After all, I wanted something to happen, and if I find now that I can’t control the volume I can always stuff my ears with money.

Success isn’t likely going to come your way. You chose to be a writer, after all, not a developer of addictive and utterly unnecessary aps. But should you be so lucky as to trip over attention and wealth after hacking out a book or three, enjoy the success.
And if not, stuff your ears with money.

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