Writer’s Desk: Outlive Them All

They say everyone is their own worst critic. A quick glance at the Internet will confirm that that is not, and never will be, true.

Criticism is all part of being an artist. You write, you record, you paint. Then you put it out there into the world and see what people think. Sometimes the feedback is good, sometimes it’s terrible, and sometimes (per Bull Durham) it rains.

There are reasons to listen to critiques of your work. No artist comes out of the gate fully formed. But it’s one thing to take in critical reactions and another to define yourself by them.

Ultimately, you are the creator and you have to follow what you want to do. Because it’s your name on the thing.

An unlikely source for advice on this matter comes from David Bowie, by way of Gavin Rossdale, who talked to Rolling Stone about dealing with people who just hated the work he was doing:

… you’ve just got to keep going. Back in the Bush days when I was getting slaughtered, I asked David Bowie how to deal with it, and he said, ‘Outlive your critics.’

So keep writing. But eat healthy, too.

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