In Theaters:
A Somewhat Gentle Man

When Ulrik (Stellan Skarsgard) is released from prison at the start of Hans Petter Moland’s wry crime comedy, he looks like something ragged and frozen, a man who’s been left under an emotional tundra from which he never expected to be thawed out. Moland’s film is much the same, shot in a dark and slushy corner of Norway which appears to be mostly industrial wasteland that hasn’t seen the sun or an honest smile in living memory. Just about the only hint of life in the film is the score, which bubbles along with a circus-like humor underneath the surface of this initially very dour, quiet, and uneventful film, reminding us that, yes, indeed, this is a comedy…
A Somewhat Gentle Man is playing now in limited release. You can read the full review at

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