New in Theaters:
Happy Feet Two

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the true strangeness of the original Happy Feet. That it came from George Miller might have seemed dissonant, but only if we’d forgotten that he’d already abandoned Mad Max for Babe. The premise was surely odd by design, a curiously colorful animated riot of emperor penguins who created explosive, island-spanning dance numbers set to Prince tunes and some classic American songbook numbers. (Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman dueting on Prince’s “Kiss” and the like.) The film was all excess, from the ADD-soundtrack to the soft-headed rot about “finding your heartsong” to the big-eyed mugging of those adorable penguins. Like a Pixar film with even less sense of shame, Happy Feet went for the brass ring in nearly every scene and then clobbered you over the head with it…
Happy Feet Two is playing everywhere now. You can read my full review at PopMatters.

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