Things That Are Terrible: Big Wheels, Redux

Since apparently Gen X, Gen Y, and possibly even Millennials didn’t have enough childish things to be getting obsessively retro about, now there is actually something of a market for adult-sized Big Wheels. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Armbruster, 44 years old, is the founder and sole employee of High Roller USA, a manufacturer of adult-size low-riding trikes that he runs out of his Lafayette, Colo., home. Unlike the plastic trikes of his youth, the High Roller has a steel frame, costs $600 and is designed for people who change diapers instead of wear them.

…In addition to High Roller, there are at least two other upstart companies making adult versions. One of them, Urbantrike, makes several adult trikes including a model that has a textured tire for riding in dirt and a lowrider that has shiny aluminum wheels that are perfect “for tailgating parties.”

There has been an annual Big Wheel race down Lombard Street for a few years now. This makes sense in a way, because A) It’s San Francisco, and B) It happens maybe once a year. After all, even unicycling is acceptable when done once a year and likely under the affects of alcohol.

But when companies are advertising high-end “trikes” for the adult market (featuring racers in helmets no less) that retail for hundreds of dollars, something seems to have gone horribly awry. It calls to mind The Onion headline from a few years back about the bar-owner who couldn’t believe he actually sponsored an adult kickball team.

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