New in Theaters: ‘The Taste of Money’


tasteofmoney-poster1In 2010, Im Sang-soo’s film The Housemaid made for a minor sensation on the indie and festival circuit with its sly and perverse satire on the Korean upper classes. This year, a sort-of sequel The Taste of Money came out, featuring the same decadent setting and moral quagmires with new characters.

My full review is at PopMatters:

The Taste of Money, Im Sang-soo’s unsubtle critique of South Korea’s upper class, sends viewers into its catalog-perfect mansion via a handsome new male servant. Looking at the rich through the eyes of the help is not a new idea, and here, Young-jak (Kin Kang-woo) provides a glimpse of a typically corrupt family, their money amassed over generations of morality-free greed. No surprise, their tempers are as black as their hearts…

The Taste of Money is playing now in limited release.

You can watch the trailer here:

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