Screening Room: ‘Creative Control’


What happens when disaffected, sociopathic hipsters become even more detached from reality? See Benjamin Dickinson’s sci-fi satire Creative Control to find out.

Creative Control opens this week in limited release. My review is at Film Journal International:

The meeting convened at the beginning of Benjamin Dickinson’s tech-frazzled Creative Control contains a nearly perfect example of what a dead soul sounds like. A passive-aggressive free-fire zone of territorial scrapping, greed and ambition disguised as creativity, and lines like “philosophy is so on-trend” that will probably have been uttered in some Manhattan office by the time you finish reading this, the meeting is ostensibly about the launching of a new brand of virtual-reality glasses called Augmenta. But the story that follows is less a statement about the dangerous implications of this technology than a nettlesome black comedy about the virtual, transactional nature of modern relationships…

Here’s the trailer:

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