Screening Room: ‘Batman v Superman’


Since it had been a few weeks since we had the opportunity to see a movie about guys in tights throwing punches at each other, now we have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“The New Batman and Superman are Terrible Superheroes” was published at Eyes Wide Open:

For Zack Snyder’s latest CGI cage-match, combat isn’t just a way of resolving disagreements and kicking along the plot, it’s a way of life. As self-important as it is tedious, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice features one of the great tropes of the comic book universe — getting two big heroes to fight each other — but treats it with such seriousness that the filmmakers don’t seem to realize that they’re stooping to one of the genre’s most tired tropes. It ranks right up there with having an alien power menace Metropolis (wait, that happened in Man of Steel), or randomly creating a well-nigh unkillable supermonster who multiple superheroes must come together to fight (wait, they do that in this one, too)…

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