Writer’s Desk: Go Listen to Classical Music

It’s always something. Even after writers find the right time and place to get their work done, more often than not, their attention wanders. The easy accessibility of smartphones and other digital distractions further frays our already tenuously held attention spans.

Anne Quito noted her problems with this in a recent article for Quartz:

Like the rest of the so-called multitasking generation (a.k.a. GenM), my default mode is to start two or more things at the same time, and that approach had compromised my ability to finish novels, TV shows, and projects efficiently. It also made me impatient, divided my affections and diluted my resolutions.

Her suggestion to break this cycle? Attend a classical music concert:

…the concert hall, where there things can’t be paused and one can’t get up to leave easily, is the ultimate training ground.

At the symphony, the only task is to tune in to one beautiful spectacle at a time.

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