Screening Room: Sundance Film Festival

Every January it’s the same. You’re still trying to catch up on the November and December releases, and then there are the Golden Globes and the Oscars to dissect, and then comes the Sundance Film Festival with a whole load of new work that’s clamoring for attention.

I covered a few of this year’s offerings for Slant:

  • Cat Person: A college student goes against her instincts to date an older, odd man who claims to have cats. An adaptation of the viral 2017 New Yorker story.
  • Shortcomings: Randall Park’s directorial debut is a witty adaptation of Adrian Tomine’s 2007 graphic novel about love and loathing.
  • You Hurt My Feelings: Nicole Holofcener’s latest urbane comedy stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as an author whose feelings are, yes, hurt when finding out her husband doesn’t like her new book.

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