New in Theaters:
The Lincoln Lawyer

It’s been a long time since it seemed like Matthew McConaughey actually seemed interested in being an actor as opposed to a lanky shirtless grin for producers to hang a blond actress off of. With his new legal drama, he still doesn’t evince much interest in thespian pursuits – a few wry wrinkles of that taut brow and some sly, bourbon-dipped line readings do the trick, as per usual – but fortunately, some of the people sharing the screen with him do. With William H. Macy, John Leguizamo, and Bryan Cranston cutting in from the sidelines, the film is occasionally rescued from its overly-busy legal shenanigans, but the person best suited to do the job, its star, is more often than not missing in action…
The Lincoln Lawyer opened wide on Friday. You can read the full review at

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