New on DVD: ‘First Position’

Some months it feels like every third documentary out there is a chronicle of some kind of contest or another—call it the Survivor/Dancing with the Stars Syndrome. While certainly dramatic and pleasing to dance fans, Bess Kargman’s First Position over-indulges in that kind of competitive mindset.

My full review is at AMC Movie Database:

Like any good competition documentarian, Kargman first shows viewers her contestants and then gives an idea of the stakes involved in the run-up to the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix. The half-dozen or so young dancers that Kargman follows are the tiniest fraction of the 5,000 or so children competing around the world. Just about every one of Kargman’s stars seems to have the makings of a famous ballet dancer–the problem is that pretty much every other dancer captured by the camera seems as good or better. There’s a cliff-like ratio here in that the surplus of young talent dwarfs the precious few jobs and scholarships out there…

Final Position is being released on DVD today.

You can see the trailer here:

One thought on “New on DVD: ‘First Position’

  1. Bella

    While I’m not a ballet dancer, I’ve always been a huge fan of ballet and dance in general. Growing up, my mom was too poor to be able to afford ballet classes and I watched from the sidelines instead. Since then I think I’ve seen every ballet movie ever made and I’m looking to add this one to my list. I used my Blockbuster @ Home movie queue and the movie should be here in a few days via mail. I work for DISH so I’ve been using Blockbuster for some time now. I’ve found it to be convenient. I have heard of the Youth America Grand Prix so this will be very interesting. Thanks for the review.


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